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16th century Persian carpet , with its fascinating patterns and colors known in Europe , many of the world 's major carpet museums and collectors in the hands of treasures and paintings in Italy reflected . Now famous hunting rugs , patio rugs , vases carpet is formed during this period .

Oriental rugs introduced into England in 1254 . King Edward I of England was married to a Spanish queen. The queen brought many oriental rugs and carpets , Spain , the United Kingdom a significant impact on the upper society , a time of appreciation and collection , use oriental rugs to become a fashion . In a large number of imported oriental rugs at the same time began to mimic , and a true British carpet .

18 th century , the Industrial Revolution broke out in Europe , began a large industrial textile production , carpet loom in the 1870s invented by the British , ending the domination of handmade carpets . It has many similarities with the general loom , is fitted into different places velvet institutions so that the carpet surface can be formed to a specific shape of the villi . The first mechanism carpets produced in Brussels, is a plain , tufted loop -shaped part of the show , after he improved , so Wilton carpets come out.

19th century , there has been more advanced Ike Munster carpets. Ike Munster is a city in the UK , the 18th century is known for the production of handmade carpets , rugs and later production mechanism , similar to the original product due to its handmade carpets named. Mechanism tufted rug is hand- tufted from developed. In 1895, Georgia, USA maiden Evans invented a new needle, the yarn cloth fixed to the bottom , leaving a coil , like a trimmed clumps of grass , so called tufted .

Hand-woven carpets in the Western world are collectively known as hand-woven oriental carpets, its origin is usually Persia ( now Iran ) , Turkey, the Caucasus , Turkmenistan , Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China .


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