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Installation Instruction of Carpet Tiles

A quality installation is of utmost importance for complete customer satisfaction, hence, its important to install according to the following instructions.

Carpet tiles are not intended for installation on walls or wet surface. Carpet manufacturer always recommends the following conditions before installation: The best environment in which the carpet is to be installed is the temperature between 65F and 95F(18 and 35), and the relative humidity between 10% and 65%, A PH range of 5-9 is satisfactory.

Carpet must be installed over properly prepared substrates. All cracks, holes and flooring irregularities must be adequately repaired to ensure a smooth, finished appearance and prevent accelerated wear.

All Carpet Tiles should be inspected carefully for dye lot patten, quality and other damage during the shipping before installation. Contact with your dealer immediately when finding some defects. Labels on each carton contain important information including: produce name, weight. Do not install any product the has visible problems. Otherwise that would void of the Product Warranty. The manufacturer will not be responsible for workmanship or problems due to improper installation.

Carpet tiles must be adequately protected form soil, dust, moisture and other contaminants and stored on a flat surface. However, the number should be no more than 5 cartons for a long period if overlapped


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