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Installation Instruction of Carpet Tiles
Development of carpet
How to choose the carpet
Advice for our customer
Carpet material identification technique
Installation Instruction of Carpet Tiles

A quality installation is of utmost importance for complete customer satisfaction, hence, it¨s important to install according to the following instructions.

Carpet tiles are not intended for installation on walls or wet surface. Carpet manufacturer always recommends the following condition

Development of carpet

16th century Persian carpet , with its fascinating patterns and colors known in Europe , many of the world 's major carpet museums and collectors in the hands of treasures and paintings in Italy reflected . Now famous hunting rugs , patio rugs , vases carpet is formed during this period .

How to choose the carpet

Color, texture , pattern and specifications , is to select carpet four direction of thinking . According space , floor carpet texture determines the required materials such as tiles, marble flooring for strong colors , feel warm carpet ; wooden floors apply hemp, Warm fiber rugs or carpets. Furth

Advice for our customer

One client ordered Chinese wool carpet, which is light green carpet. When we were going to dye the fresh yarn for this light green carpet, we found one problem, because the Chinese wool has more impurities than NZ wool, Especially the carpet with light color yarn, this problem of impurities that

Carpet material identification techniques

You can disconnect from a few wool carpet, and then fire,

1 flameless combustion of pure wool with wool burnt, burn after leaving the fragile and shiny black solid

2 nylon yarn swift curling its burning, burn after the formation of brittle black hard balls,

3 Polyester flameless

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